Telecommunication Services

Our aim is to simplifying and provide companies with Communication services to help amplify their businesses.

Our Telecommunication Services

In order to help businesses grow, our goal is to simplify things and offer communication services.
In order to provide ongoing, flawless communication, our organization is dedicated to offering services of the highest caliber.

Telecom Services (VoIP)

Our infrastructure comprises of a carrier-grade, real-time multi-protocol IP switch that enables revenue creation and network cost savings for mobile and fixed line service providers. We provide wholesale VOIP services that link our customers to local markets via traditional circuit switches and IP. An IP switching platform delivers a complete carrier-grade billing solution, as well as route analysis and reporting capabilities.

Wholesale Voice, Data & SMS Services

IP, IPX, and cloud solutions are among the technologies we employ at Alphaneon. Our Infrastructure across the United Kingdom, consists of career-grade Class A and Class B Hardware-Switches. For achieving higher quality communication, career service via a fiber optical IP connection. We also provide Voice trading and termination services at wholesale prices, and provide A2P customers with bulk SMS services, along with, wholesale data services to the company’s expanding intra-country network of partners.

Security and Value Added Services

Value-added telecommunication services refer to telecommunications for which our establishment adds value to the customer’s information by enhancing its form or content or by providing for its storage and retrieval. This service includes various activities like, Online Data Processing, Online Database Storage and Retrieval, Electronic Data Interchange, Email, and various others.

Telecom Management Consultancy

Our talented and experienced team of specialists are industry veterans who have worked on large-scale telecom projects in a variety of geographic zones. With a one-time engagement strategy, we have specific solutions for enterprises ranging from small to large. In a customer-centric telecom industry, our seasoned team of specialists provide a substantial competitive advantage by moving toward real-time decision making.

Cloud Server Facility

Our facility is a leading data Centre that is dependable, secure, and performance-oriented. We strive to assist our clients without jeopardizing their safety, security, or needs. Our data Centre provides excellent services as well as superior customer service. We are the Best Managed Cloud Hosting Provider and have been delivering world-class data Centre services such as dedicated Server Hosting, Server Management, Email & Productivity, Colocation Services, and many others for over a decade.

Billing and Financing Facility for Third Party

In terms of charge and billing features, each line of business and customer segment has its own set of requirements. Our Billing and Financing Facility is a one-of-a-kind approach to telecom billing software. It supports multi-branch and multi-department organizational structures, split billing with flexible definition of rules based on time of connection or service type, ad hoc reporting of data with current buckets consumption, charging based on thresholds, shared bundles at the company or branch level, closed user groups, and availability of usage data and financial data.